Headshot_Solomon-LaneDr. Tessa Solomon-Lane

I am an assistant professor interested in the development, neuromolecular regulation, and evolution of social behavior. I received my BA in Neuroscience & Behavior from Vassar College, where I conducted research with Dr. Erica Crespi. I completed my PhD in Neuroscience with Dr. Matthew Grober at Georgia State University, and I was a postdoctoral researcher with Dr. Hans Hofmann at the University of Texas at Austin. Click here to see my CV.

The Solomon-Lane lab group is committed to maintaining a welcoming, inclusive, honest, and fair environment for research and learning, free from discrimination or harassment of any kind.

Current Lab Members
Hannah Graves, Claremont McKenna College (’20)
Emily McCabe, Scripps College (’21)
Julia Weinstein, Claremont McKenna College (’20)

Spring 2019
Claire Cantelon, Scripps College (’21)
Maddie Vergun, Scripps College (’20)
Isabela Harmon, Scripps College (’22)